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The Chronicle Issue 7

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Principal Report

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students,

Navigating high school is a collaborative journey. It  requires the College, parents, guardians and students to all be working together to achieve the best outcomes for all of our students. It is not only a place for education but also a platform for personal growth and preparation for the future.

Parents and guardians play an indispensable role in a student’s high school journey. Their support, encouragement, and involvement create a nurturing environment that facilitates learning and development. Regular communication with teachers and engaging in their young person’s education helps ensure that students receive the necessary guidance both in and outside the classroom and in boarding. Remember, a collaborative approach between parents, guardians, and the school is vital to student achievement.

Setting high expectations for all students is a fundamental aspect of fostering excellence. When students are challenged to reach their fullest potential, they are more likely to rise to the occasion. Embracing a growth mindset, where effort and perseverance are celebrated, helps students overcome challenges and setbacks. By nurturing a culture that expects greatness from every student, we create an environment that nurtures determination and a commitment to success.

Learning is an active process, and students must be fully engaged in every lesson and activity. Attending classes regularly, participating in discussions, asking questions, and collaborating with peers enhances the learning experience. Being present and engaged not only aids in understanding the subject matter but also develops valuable skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and communication – all of which are essential for success in high school and beyond.

Our dedicated teachers are working diligently to provide the best learning experience for every student. As we move towards the end of this semester and our Academic year, teachers are meticulously preparing semester reports to provide a comprehensive overview of each student’s progress. These reports not only highlight academic achievements but also offer insights into areas that might need attention. It’s a collaborative effort, involving teachers, students, and parents, to ensure that students are on the right track and receiving the necessary support.

In conclusion, the success of our high school students is a shared responsibility. By fostering strong relationships between parents, guardians, students, and staff, we create an environment where high expectations, active engagement, and preparation go hand in hand. Let’s keep these points in mind and as we work collaboratively to empower our students for a bright and promising future.

God Bless

Marie Barton


Dear Heavenly Father,

We seek your guidance and blessing as we walk on this journey of education and growth. We acknowledge your unwavering presence in our lives and the power of community that you have bestowed upon us.

We thank you for the parents and guardians who play a crucial role in the lives of our students. Grant them the wisdom to understand the importance of their partnership with our school, and the dedication to actively participate in their children’s education. May their hearts be open to collaboration, their minds receptive to communication, and their spirits willing to support and uplift the young minds entrusted to their care.

Bless our students, dear Lord, with curiosity, determination, and a hunger for knowledge. May they approach each day with enthusiasm, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come their way. Instil in them a sense of responsibility for their own learning, and the humility to seek guidance when needed. Help them recognize their unique talents and strengths, fostering a sense of self-worth and a desire to continually strive for excellence.

May our staff be inspired to create dynamic and interactive lessons that ignite a passion for learning in their students. Let our rooms resonate with the joy of discovery, where questions are welcomed, discussions flourish, and creativity knows no bounds.

Lord, we ask for the grace to uphold high expectations for both ourselves and those we guide. May we never settle for mediocrity, but instead, strive for the heights of achievement that you have designed for us. Help us see beyond our limitations, reminding us that with your strength, all things are possible. Let our pursuit of excellence be a testament to your glory.

In your infinite wisdom, guide our every step on this journey of education. Bless our efforts with success and fulfillment, and may all that we do be a reflection of your love and grace.


NAIDOC Celebrations

NAIDOC Day 2023 – For Our Elders, was celebrated by Edmund Rice College together with Bindoon Primary School at Chinkabee Oval in Bindoon on Friday 4 August.
We started our celebrations with a Smoking Ceremony conducted by Uncle Jimmy. All students had a great time at the activities. Some of the older Primary students played some amazing AFL games while we all watched and cheered. After lunch there were activities for the students to participate in. These included Rock Painting, Face Painting and painting on 2 large canvases.
A huge thank you to Brett, Jamie and Blondie for the fantastic food that was shared. I know that the Elders who tasted the Kangaroo Tail were extremely impressed. Thanks also to the NAIDOC Committee, Tyra from Shooting Stars and Aiden from Clontarf for the hard work in preparing and staging the events. Many thanks also to our special guests, Uncle Jimmy, Aunty Margaret and Uncle Charlie.
Gillian Usher

Below:  Students from Bindoon Primary School joined in on the NAIDOC celebrations held at Bindoon Oval.