Life after ERC

Life after ERC

Emily Lanman

Wynston Shovellor-Sesar

Emily graduated from the College in 2013 and completed an undergraduate degree at Edith Cowan University attaining a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in History/Politics and International Relations.  After completing this degree, Emily went on to compete her Honours Degree and her PhD in the same area of study.  Emily is now in Europe where she presents internationally.

Wynston left the College in 2011 to return to the Bidyadanga Community on the Kimberley Coast.  Wynston has found a career as a Karajarri ranger with the Kimberley Land Council and in 2017 he recently attended the National Indigenous Youth Parliament Program.  He addressed Parliament and met the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Tekiasha Hart

Kate Fabbri

After graduating in 2018, former Head Girl, Tekiasha returned to her home town of Derby.  Tekiasha has recently gained employment as a Customer Service Officer at the Derby/West Kimberley Shire.  Tekiasha will continue gaining work experience at the Shire and has also applied to Notre Dame University to study as a Primary School Teacher.  She later wishes to study animal health.

After graduating in 2015, Former Head Girl, Kate, continued her nursing studies and is now enjoying a career as an enrolled nurse at Joondalup Hospital.

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