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Edmund Rice College’s farm offers students, throughout their whole College life, the opportunity to learn a wide variety of agricultural based skills through hands-on involvement on a real-life working farm. The agricultural course offered to our students is designed to be enjoyable, comprehensive, and industry relevant. Students learn both theoretically and practically how to work agricultural machinery and use technology in both traditional and contemporary settings. Students work with our cattle (50 head of Simmental cows and studs), sheep (500 Merinos and Texel), grain production (Oaten Hay), and our prized Olive Enterprise (Verdale and Sevillano). Year 11 & 12 students have the opportunity to learn about lamb care and marking.

The College has gained an enviable reputation for the quality of our students: in their skills when competing at shows; their knowledge and capabilities when entering the workforce or going on to further studies; and in the quality of our herd and produce.

Any student may undertake agricultural studies here at the College, regardless of their previous experience. Our highly experienced and qualified staff ensure the safety and opportunity for success of all our students in completing the course and gaining future employment.

Courses and Certificates

Here at Edmund Rice College introductory and certificate level courses are offered to our agricultural students covering:

Senior School WACE Courses

Animal Production Systems

VET Courses

Wool Handling

Cattle Club

Our unique and rewarding Cattle Club is free to join, and provides a great environment for students to develop friendships and build on their stock knowledge. Cattle Club is very popular with our students wishing to develop their skills in handling, caring for, judging, halter breaking, and preparing and parading stud cattle. All year 7-9 students participate in Cattle Club as part of their elective program.

Shows and Competitions

Edmund Rice College has a long held tradition and history of student success in local and regional competitions and shows which our students participate in such as:

The Perth Royal Show
The Wagin Woolorama
Beverley Agricultural Show

Edmund Rice College Open Day
United Beef Breeders Association (UBBA)
Bindoon Royal Show

Career Pathways

Our agricultural students have gone on to further studies in this field or have begun successful careers including:

Farm Manager
Farm Contractor
Research Officer

Veterinary Nurse
Agricultural Teacher
Landscape Gardener
Stock Agent

Station Hand
Agribusiness Personnel

(Sales, Finance, Marketing)

Farm water supply

The main water supply for the College comes from Meckering Spring (which resulted from the 1968 Meckering Earthquake). There are 28 dams on the property including man-made Lake Scott and Lake Musk. Several underground bores have been established in recent years, providing additional water to the College and Farm.

Further information

To view the olive and olive oil brochure please click here

For further information on the College’s farm and student learning, please contact the College.

Phone: (08) 9576 5500

Fax: (08) 9576 1146


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