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Mission, vision & values

Our Vision

Edmund Rice College is faithful to the gospel of Jesus and the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice. Together we seek to inspire each person to be optimistic, hope-filled and resilient in a dynamic rural environment, so they become proactive young people who will transform their communities.

Mission statement

Edmund Rice College is an educational, agricultural and vocational community, strong in faith, compassion and empathy. The College strives to be part of the local community, building quality relationships and partnerships, sharing a common direction and working together to achieve our goals.
To enable students to raise their voices and become responsible contributors to their communities, the college aims to nurture their faith and spiritualities throughout their learning journeys, supporting them in their development of knowledge, skills, understanding and wellbeing.

Edmund Rice College is committed to engaging students in safe, innovative and practical experiences which motivate and inspire them to personal excellence.

Now taking enrolments for 2024