Student Enrolment Form

  • Student details

  • Date sacraments received

  • Mother's information

  • Father's information

  • Custody / Guardianship

    Under the provisions of the Family Law Reform Act 1995 biological parents are regarded as having full parental responsibility unless a Parenting Plan or Court Order is presented stating otherwise.
  • Family information

    Siblings currently attending or have previously attended Edmund Rice College.
  • Siblings currently attending other schools
  • Terms

    I /We understand that:
    • We agree with the aims and the policies of Edmund Rice College, Bindoon and agree to support the regulations which are made from time to time. We hereby also agree to pay all applicable fees in accordance with the College’s usual terms and conditions of payment.
    • We understand and accept that the obligation to pay fees is joint and several.
    • Completion of this Application for Admission form does not guarantee an enrolment offer being made.
    • Attendance at an interview does not guarantee an enrolment offer being made.
    • Enrolment in one Catholic school does not guarantee enrolment in any other Catholic school.
    • Any change of address must be conveyed to the College.
    • Failure to notify change of address may render the application void.
    • This Application for Admission form has been completed to the best of my/our knowledge.
    • When deciding on the successful applicants, the Principal will give due consideration to the College Enrolment Policy.