Boarding at Edmund's Rice College

Residential Care

Edmund Rice College has five single-gender boarding houses which are equipped with modern and comfortable facilities. Boarding is an attractive option for many of our students and their caregivers because of the friendly, home from home living environment, and the tranquil, rural setting of the College. Being a College, in the Edmund Rice tradition, we celebrate individual differences and are proud to offer boarding accommodation to students from a diverse array of backgrounds, each with differing interests, talents, and personalities.

Boarding is given immense value at our College; it is a vital part of each student’s development, and staff strive to not only nurture students successfully through College life, but into mature, well-mannered, and independent young adults. Edmund Rice College understands the importance of students developing a healthy lifestyle, great emphasis is placed in boarding on balancing social, academic, and physical aspects of students’ lives. Students experience a lot of fun, make life-long friendships, and leave with fond memories whilst boarding at the College.

Boarding Houses

Young Womens

Mary Rice (Years 7 & 8)
Joseph (Years 9-11)
Catherine (Years 11 & 12)

Young Mens

Mary Mackillop (Years 7, 8, 9)
Musk (Years 10, 11, 12)

Each boarding house is looked after by a house parent, who cares for the young men and women of the College on a day-to-day basis, and our College buddy-system flows through into boarding; inspiring leadership and guidance from our elder students to our younger ones. Boarding provides students with a great source of support; study takes place each evening, students are encouraged to share their learning with each other and seek the assistance of house parents if need be to successfully complete their work.

The College’s vast grounds and abundant facilities ensure students have plenty to do on-campus in their free time after school and on weekends. As well as this, there is a recreation social calendar for the boarders providing them the opportunity to go on a variety of camps and excursions. Boarders have the opportunity to attend socials with boarders from several other colleges in the metropolitan area and are also given the opportunity to join College and local community sports teams such as hockey, basketball, and football which play at the weekend.

Parents are welcome to visit their children at the College anytime and we have accommodation available for those wishing to stay overnight. Students are welcome to leave campus at the weekend, to go home or stay with family and friends, provided arrangement have been made.

Further information

For enquiries about boarding at Edmund Rice College please contact our registrar:

Sharyn Peterson

Direct Line: (08) 9576 5508


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