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Edmund Rice College celebrates launch of new name

By December 13, 2018October 20th, 2023No Comments

Catholic Agricultural College is excited to announce the new name of their school, now Edmund Rice College. Over the past few years Catholic Agricultural College has been in consultation with the College community to choose an alternative name that more accurately represents their broad educational focus – having now grown to encompass other vocational areas.

Since its establishment in 1938, the College has had different names, but the charism of Edmund Rice has always been at the heart, embedded in the core values of the College – making this name change most fitting. The College has grown over the years from having an agricultural focus to other vocational areas that provide even more alternative pathways for students to be educated.

The College community; families, students, staff and board members were involved in the development of a new logo and motto that reflect the new name. The College’s new motto is Stronger Together, and you can read more about the inspiration behind the elements that form the new logo below.

  • The Cross is at the centre of everything they do
  • The Hammer and spanner reference the school’s automotive, engineering, building studies and strength
  • The Sheep represents agriculture and loyalty and is also a reference to the Good Shepherd
  • The Book is both the bible and a place of learning
  • The Aboriginal symbol is for unity, meeting and togetherness.
  • Olive leaves refer to their Olive groves

Students also took part in choosing new names and animal mascots for their Houses. They took inspiration from places which hold great significance in the life of Blessed Edmund Rice, as the community wanted them to align closely to the Edmund Rice Education Australia Charter, College values and the new name.

The College’s new name was launched at this year’s Presentation Night on 13 October, and the official change will be in place from the 1 January 2018.

Now taking enrolments for 2024