The Chronicle Issue 9

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Principal Report

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students,

Farewell Year 12’s

Last Friday and Saturday it was our task to celebrate the achievements of the young people who are our graduating class of 2019. It is the start of a new chapter in their life journeys. Our Year 12 Graduands are an exceptional group of young people. Getting to know each of them has confirmed this. We all wish them every success as they leave our place to find their own place in the world.

2020 Academic Year

I always find it interesting just listening to the things that our students are saying and how this may or may not accurately reflect what is actually happening around them. During this year I have heard a few students talking about the work they are doing in class and how it is different from what they may have done previously. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what has actually changed and what has not!

Yes, we still do farm and agriculture. I have heard some students saying that we are no longer doing agriculture and this is absolutely incorrect. All students, in all year levels do agricultural science. Miss Salonee, Miss Jennine and Miss Lizzy deliver this in year 7 – 10 and Miss Salonee and Lizzy teach year 11 and 12 APS. There is also cattle club that is available to all year 7 – 10 students both as an option and an after school activity. We have also introduced sheep club after school this year. Year 10 – 12 students are still completing certificates in Agriculture, Wool Handling and Equine. They are actively involved in managing the farm enterprise of the College.

Yes, we did change our style of teaching and the way the classrooms were presented. Students have been moving around a lot less and spending more time in the one space. This has limited the transition times between classes when all teacher will tell you – you do lose 5, 10 or 15 minutes as students walk to their next class. Often having long conversations, diverting for a drink or stopping at the toilet. The staff have reported this as a huge success.

Yes, is was every teacher’s intention to provide students with a dynamic learning experience facilitated by three experienced staff, co-teaching, to provide learning experiences that are collaborative, project based and focussed on the future in a diverse and stable environment to promote a holistic education.

Yes, the curriculum is still the same as it has been for a number of years. In Western Australia we are mandated by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to teach a set curriculum as outlined for all young West Australians. The number of periods delivered for each of the core curriculum subjects has not changed. For your information we will be sending home with the reports the Curriculum Handbooks for each year level. This outlines all the relevant information about subjects and VET offerings.

See below also the table that outlines the number of periods allocated to each subject from Year 7 – 12. This allocation has not changed for a number of years and will remain the same for the 2020 Academic Year.

2019 Model
Year 7 – 9 Year 10 Year 11 & 12  
Periods Periods Periods
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum Core Curriculum
Religious Education 3 Religious Education 3 Religious Education 4
English 5 English 5 English 5
Mathematics 5 Mathematics 5 Mathematics 5
Science 3 Science 3 APS 4
HASS 3 HASS 3 Alternative Programme
Agricultural Science 2 Agricultural Science 2 VET
Health 2 Health & PE 1 Cert IV Nursing prep 12
PE 2 PE 2 Cert III Childcare
Protective behaviours 2 Cert II Equine
Electives VET Cert II Agriculture
Equine 1 per term 2 Cert 1 Auto 6 Cert II Auto
Woodwork Cert 1 Equine EA HM/1R Cert II Construction
Farm Cert 1 Industrial Skills Cert II CALM
Cattle Club Cert 1 FSK Cert II Leadership
Cert 1 Agriculture Cert II Animal Care
Cert 1 Leadership
Total periods 30 Total periods 30 Total periods 30


If you have any questions about the curriculum that is being delivered in the classrooms please do not hesitate to contact one of the teachers. If you have further queries then please let either Paula Bacchiella or myself know. We are all extremely happy to speak to you.

Final report 2019

You will receive in the mail a copy of your son’s/daughter’s report during the holidays. As I have indicated above there will also be a copy of the curriculum handbooks for each year level. In addition to this the NAPLAN results will be enclosed for the Year 7 and 9 students.

Teachers will be using these results to inform their programmes and for individualised planning for each students next term.

Happy Holidays

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your young people the next two weeks. May you all remain safe and happy during this time and we look forward to welcoming them back for the new term.


God bless,


Dear Lord,

Today we bring our young graduates before You

asking You to keep Your hand of protection upon them.

Please guide their steps in the days ahead

as they embark on this new journey before them.

Grant them wisdom to make wise decisions according to Your will.

May the road before them be paved with joyous opportunities

Year 7 Retreat

The Year 7’s attended the 24.7 Youth Ministry on Tuesday 24 September. Three young instructors led the program for the day which started with the university students introducing themselves. When separated into two groups, the Year 7’s introduced themselves to the instructors and then completed a quiz about creation. Students then brainstormed what they appreciate the most about creation; their answers can be seen in the word art image. Students learnt about the different types of creation and focussed on the pinnacle of creation which is human beings. The Year 7’s watched video clips about appreciating every human life as everyone is created in God’s image and should be treated with dignity and respect. Students concluded the day considering what is special about themselves and what they love about themselves.

Lizzy Van Wees

Year 8 Retreat

Last Friday, Year 8 students travelled with their teachers, Ms Anna, Mr Brett and Mr Paul to Osborne Park for a retreat lead by the 24/7 Youth Ministry Team.  Mario Borg and his team of three young persons, Mark, Anthony and Ella-Louise engaged students in a variety of worthwhile experiences from story-telling and witness statements to experiential games and response opportunities.

Paul Towler
Year 8 Teacher

Harry Our Pastoral Care Dog

For the month of September Miss Donna has entered Harry in a walking challenge. Harry is the school’s therapy dog and is often exhausted after a big day with the year 7 class. Harry’s challenge ‘Operation K9K’ is to walk 30km in September, a challenge set on a popular running blog ‘Mum Runner’. The challenge is raising money for the Royal Society for the Blind that trains assistance dogs for veterans of the Australian Defence Force that are experiencing PTSD. It costs $30 000 to raise a guide dog and we are showing our support by walking Harry 30km in September. The Year 7’s and Miss Donna have been walking him around the college after school and for morning fitness. Best of luck to Harry who is 14km into his challenge!

Lizzy Van Wees

Pearce Young Leaders Forum

12 students on Friday morning the 6th of September arrived at Swan Christian Anglican College to part take in the Youth Leadership Forum conducted by Christian Porter’s Office.

The three main speakers were Christian Porter, Matt Fuller and netball star Courtney Bruce.

The forum was about inspiring young leaders to challenge themselves to becoming the next generation’s future leaders.

The most crucial lesson that we gained from the forum was determination, resilience, to never shy away from what you believe is the right thing to do and continue on what your journey is for you.

Matt Fuller was an inspiration to listen to, he told us his emotional story of his life the struggles and challenges that he had to overcome to reach the position he is in today. He believes that no one is entitled, that if we want it, work for it, make it happen, do not accept that someone will do it for you. Respect is something he believes is now under rated, young youth need to realise that you have to give respect to get it even if it doesn’t suit you.

The forum was a great experience for our students and hopefully it will inspire them to follow in the footsteps of these leaders who have worked so hard to achieve in their community.

Nikol Vrbas
Teaching Assistant

James Way
Year 12

Fremantle Prison Excursion – Year 10

As part of the Year Ten Humanities and Social Science curriculum, students attended Fremantle Prison. The excursion also fitted into the class’ PBL project concerning the world in 2050. Students were asked prior to the excursion: how can we reduce incarcerations in the future? Preceding the excursion students were engaging in the rights and freedom unit of year ten history studying the story of Robert Walker – a 24 year old indigenous man – who was incarcerated in Fremantle prison in the 1980s. Robert Walker died in prison under questionable circumstances when being escorted by prison guards to the prison hospital. Robert’s death is contestable as there are various accounts by prisoners and prison guards that discuss how he died in different ways.

While at the prison students went to the death site of Robert Walker, walked through the various prison blocks, the isolation block, prison yards, and the gallows. Throughout this, students first hand, were able to see prison life unchanged from the 1990s. Students were also taken to view several Indigenous paintings created by inmates. After the excursion students were asked to analyse one of their favourite prison paintings using their acquired historical knowledge in class. The students behaved exceptionally overall while at the prison. Congratulations Year Tens.

John Wilgress
Year 10 Teacher

Year 7 – Zoo Excursion

On Thursday 29 August the Year 7’s attended an exciting excursion at Perth Zoo. It was a rainy day but the teachers were impressed with the resilience of the students who threw on a poncho and continued on without complaint. Students had a few hours to walk around the zoo, viewing a range of animals from Africa, Asia, and Australia. A few highlights included seeing one of the elephants kick a soccer ball into a goal, a koala up close, and spotting the animals in the nocturnal house. After viewing the animals, students participated in a workshop called the Danger Games. Students investigated five Western Australian species, their adaptations and how they fare when faced with threats in the wild. Students made decisions based on their understanding of the animal’s adaptations and decided which ones would survive when faced with particular threats. The students then considered how they could change the game to save species. This activity fit in nicely with the year 7’s current focus of travelling through time.

Lizzy Van Wees

At the presentation we all sat around a table and we talked about what animals we think are going to be extinct first. We also got shown a bobtail and python and got to feel their skin. We talked about how reptiles will survive in the future and decided that the python would live the longest.

Doreen Black

On the Australia walk we saw dingoes, wallabies, koalas, wombats, and Tasmanian devils. The coolest was the dingo because they can be trained.

Raquarne Boddington

On the Africa walk we saw giraffe, rhino, and painted dogs. It was awesome because the rhino was huge and scary.

Matilda Samson

On the Asia walk we saw elephants. One was kicking a ball and the other was getting a back massage! We also saw an orang-utan sitting up in the tree. I love orang-utans because they look at people in weird ways.

Bevyn Councillor

Year 11/12 PE Day at Bounce

The Yr 11 and 12’s recently had their term PE day and we headed down to bounce in Cannington. The students were amazing with the younger children that were also there on the day cheering them on and letting them go before them.

We also saw some great athletic ability from some of the students with their gymnastic skills on the trampolines and in the obstacle course area.

I look forward to our next adventure.

Scott Smith
Health and Physical Education Teacher

Cadets Outing

On Wednesday 4 September  the  cadets went go carting at Belmont Indoor Go Carting Arena. We  had three races of 20 laps each. Mr Rush-Harvey  came first twice and Miss Donna came first in the last race. Overall Kiai got second, Cody got third, Dylan got fourth, Miss Donna got fifth, Trish got sixth and I got seventh. Afterwards we had lunch at Hungry Jacks in Belmont.

Thank you Miss Donna and Mr Rush-Harvey for the fun day we had together.

Alexis Price
Year 8

House Athletics Carnival

The House Athletics Carnival was a great day, made even greater with the end result being a Waterford win for the first time in 7 years.

Being my first Athletics carnival at ERC I was extremely impressed by the effort put in by all the students to really have a crack and have a fun day. The staff all pitched in too and I cannot thank them enough for helping the day run so smoothly. Unfortunately the staff didn’t get the win in the staff vs students relay at the end of the day.

We now look forward to our ACC interschool team heading to WA Athletics stadium on the 5th September to take on a number of other schools.

Scott Smith
Health and Physical Education Teacher

Boarding Report

Term 3 in Boarding has been full of fun, adventure, and experiences. Every weekend the boarders have gone on several excursions, whether it was for sports, socials, shopping or other activities. A big thank you to the boarding staff who work with young people all week, and then have the early mornings and late nights on weekends getting the kids ready and taking them to each event. Netball has finished for the season, the team windup is this weekend. We were lucky to have several students playing in the finals and the grand final in Gingin last weekend, with Lancelin taking out the Junior Division A win on the day.

We had a great season of football this term, I couldn’t be prouder of the all the young men and ladies who trained and played, every week in the cold, wet weather. We had some great successes at Toodyay football club this season, Nazahrius Hart came away with Best and Fairest for under 16’s. Dermot Neach received runner up Best and Fairest. Ryan Fullgrabe received the Coach’s award for the under 16’s. Raquarne Boddington was the Best and Fairest for the under 13’s. Brett Nelson, who fulfils many positions in his passion for AFL football; as under 13’s coaches, bus driver, boundary umpire, water boy, medic, advisor, team manager, and also as a player himself in the Reserves Toodyay team, was awarded a special plaque to thank him for all his hard work this season. Congratulations to all the players this season.

There were a number of boarding girls who played for the Avon League girls footy competition, playing 6 Sundays in a row at home ground Toodyay or away at York. There were many stars who rose to the occasion, special mention to Geraldine who kicked 6 goals for York when she played a game for them one weekend. Adrienne who quickly learned how to tackle and hand ball. Chloe who hadn’t tried footy before, fell in love with it and then proceeded to train the Kick Start development squad in Perth. There were some great spills, Dorry who chased a girl down, tackled her to the ground rolled a few metres, sprung to her feet again and then ran into a team mate, sending them both flying. Tyra Adams was awarded the Coach’s award for the ERC team.

I would like to remind parents to take the holidays to open bank accounts for the students if they don’t have one already and also check what the kids have to bring with them in term 4. The term should be warm and we will be swimming at school, camp, and on excursions. Students can bring a small fan for their bedrooms. Also new school shoes may be needed, black, leather, lace-up.

I will be talking to parents about basketball season, which starts the second weekend back of term 4. Please send me a photo of your current Health Care Card if you have one, so I can apply for Kid Sport to pay the fees. Junior fees are $90 and Seniors team players are $100. This must be paid the first game of the season.

Sam Jenner
Head of Residential Care

Edmund Rice College