The Chronicle Issue 9

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Principal Report

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students

Today and tomorrow are important days for our Year 12’s. It started with their Final Assembly followed by an excursion with Miss Courtney. The students will join the community tomorrow evening to celebrate their final Mass at the College which will be followed by dinner, shared with their proud parents, guardians and families. Our Year 12 graduands have been a group of quiet achievers. I know you will join with me to wish them every success as they leave this special place to find their own place in the world.

Staffing 2022 Academic Year

As you are all aware next term starts our new academic year for 2022 so all of the students will be transitioning to their new classes day one next term. Please see below the staffing for the 2022 Academic Year.

Teaching Team
Year 7 Robert Cooper Year 8 Courtney Clark
Anna Sparks Luke Jensen
Aboriginal Teaching Assistant Brett Nelson Aboriginal Teaching Assistant Greg McDonald
Year 9 Danielle Horvath Year 10 Salonee Poongavanon
Jennifer Dixson Sophie Mullins
Teaching Assistant Donna Rush-Harvey Teaching Assistant Lisa Heasman
Religion Courtney Clark Mathematics (Foundation/General) Luke Jensen
English (Foundations) Rochelle Veness English (General) Sophie Mullins
Ag Science / APS Jennine Thomasson Ag Science / APS Salonee Poongavanon
Health & PE / Outdoor Ed / Sport & Rec Scott Smith Teaching Assistant Nikol Vrbas (Returning January 2022)
Farm Trainer Steve Glover Farm Trainer Steve Glover
Year 11 Teaching Assistant Karen Nicoletto Year 12 Teaching Assistant Jaye King

Final report 2021

You will receive in the mail a copy of your son’s/daughter’s report during the holidays. Teachers will be using these results to inform their programmes and for individualised planning for each students next term. In addition, for the Year 7 and 9 students, there will be a copy of their NAPLAN results.

Happy Holidays

As I said in the last edition of The Chronicle I am taking Professional Renewal Leave next term and will not be back on site until January 2022. I will be spending some time engaging with Country and Culture around our wonderful state. My intention is to be and relate to place and spend time rekindling my love of this wonderful land.

Ms Paula Bacchiella, will be in charge during this time. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact her for assistance.

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your young people while they are home on holidays. May you all remain safe and happy during this time. I look forward to seeing you all next year.

God bless.

Marie Barton


We come to you with thankful hearts for all those graduating from our College. We thank you for giving each graduate the talents, abilities and self-discipline required for this wonderful accomplishment.
We are grateful to You for providing the teachers, resi-carers and staff who have taught them, nurtured them and challenged them along the way.
Now that their minds have been well equipped, we pray that their hearts and spirits will also be well equipped for successful living.
Add heavenly wisdom and discernment to their knowledge. Infuse their ambitions and dreams with Your love.
Help them to desire Your good way for their future.
Remind them that you are only a prayer away when they meet obstacles, heartbreaks and challenges.
May they always be courageous enough to ask for help, advice and support when they need it. May they never needlessly suffer alone without reaching out to You and to others who care.
As they become independent adults, help them learn the secret of dependence on You. Give them a desire to know more about You. May they find you in the Scriptures, in the joy of new love, in
the gathering of Your people, in the beauty of Your creation and in the strength of their youth.
And now may Your blessings be theirs as they begin a new life full of joy and promise.


Deputy Principal Report

What a whirlwind of a term we have had at the College! This term has seen a varied and large number of learning opportunities provided to students across all years and areas of the College and it has been great to see that most students have taken advantage of opportunities provided to improve themselves in the development and consolidation of skills. Unfortunately, there remains a core group of students unwilling to become involved and both myself and Mr Scott have had many conversations with them around the importance of getting involved and the skills that can be developed. I encourage parents and guardians to also have these conversations with your children and challenge behaviours that will not see your child develop wholly.

Senior School and VET Courses

Each of our senior school students is provided with the opportunity to complete two Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificates which will assist them gain their Western Australia Certificate of Education. It is something as a college that we pride ourselves on and it is disappointing that there are several young adults across years 10, 11 and 12 who fail to attend the VET courses they selected on a weekly basis.

VET provides students with skills and knowledge to perform effectively in the workplace.  A VET qualification prepares students for, or in some instances qualifies them to do, a specific job. VET can contribute directly to students’ career goals no matter what their destination is. It all counts in some way at different points in their career. A VET qualification provides students with essential skills which are transferable across multiple employment and education pathways. Furthermore, a VET course can be used towards attaining their WACE.

What is the Western Australian Certificate of Education? The WACE is the certificate students receive when they meet the specified requirements. Completion of a minimum of 20 units, which may include unit equivalents attained through VET and/or endorsed programs. This requirement must include at least:

  • a minimum of ten Year 12 units, or the equivalent
  • four units from an English learning area course, post-Year 10, including at least one pair of Year 12 units from an English learning area course
  • one pair of Year 12 units from each of List A (arts/languages/social sciences) and List B (mathematics/science/technology)

Achievement of at least 14 C grades or higher (or the equivalent) in Year 11 and 12 units, including at least six C grades (or equivalents) in Year 12 units. Completion of:

  • at least five Year 12 General courses, or a Certificate II (or higher) VET qualification in combination with ATAR, General or Foundation courses

Demonstration of the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy by completing their OLNA to a Level 3.

Therefore, it is important that students attend all their classes and their selected VET courses and try their best when completing their OLNA testing. Staff at Edmund Rice College willingly provide students with ongoing support and opportunities; however, students must put in the effort and work required to achieve personal success which will set them up well beyond the College gates and future success.

Year Seven Assembly

At our last College assembly, the year seven class were in the spotlight… and what an amazing job they did!! The year seven teaching team were so impressed (and a little proud) of the way in which students self-nominated to speak and then on the day readily offered to fill gaps due to peer absences to ensure that their assembly ran smoothly. Students shared their year seven learning journey with the College community, which included a special prayer written in commemoration of Harry. We had one slight hiccup on the day in that the music for the video montage could not be heard so I have included it here for you to view. I would like to especially acknowledge the following students who were instrumental on the day and who each presented themselves well and stepped out of their comfort zone to present to their college community: Bronte Harvey, Amelie Napier, Maddix Shadforth and Shauniyah Hodder – you girls are super-stars!

Year 10 VET Week

Our year ten students will conclude their VET week block at the conclusion of this week. Students have been involved in several activities designed to provide them with a broad range of opportunities and learning experiences that will develop much needed skills that they will call on well after they have completed their studies. Students completed a two-day Try A Trade course with Skill Hire in Forrestfield. This was a great opportunity for students as there are many apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities that could come from participation in this program. In addition, students also completed an introductory first aid course through St John and further developed their cultural understanding, communication, and collaborative problem-solving skills through their involvement in Noongar sports and a team building day at Swan Valley Adventure camps.

I will continue to encourage our students to make this most of the opportunities provided to them during these planned VET block weeks and I am always open to suggestions from either parents and students and will endeavour to accommodate reasonable requests for experiences where we can.

Tracey Crisp
Deputy Principal

Blessing of the Animals

Above – Blessing of the Animals is a very special occasion every year at the College.

On Friday the 10 September the College participated in the Blessing of the Animals, which was celebrated with the help of Father Vinh Dong and Seminarian Nicholas from the Banksia Grove Parish. The weather and atmosphere was lovely and overall it was an amazing day where we celebrated our connection and stewardship of animals.

Thank you to everyone who helped and participated in the liturgy.

Courtney Clark
Religious Education Coordinator

Year 11 Retreat

Ms Sophie and Miss Karen accompanied the year 11’s to their retreat. As soon as the students arrived, they were immediately greeted and became engaged. The retreat staff were absolutely amazing, positive, enthusiastic, amplified and engaging. Their approach was contagious and pitched at the year 11 age group. The students worked in teams all day and their participation did not waiver from the task at hand. The retreat staff thanked us for joining in.  It was a pleasure to attend and both Karen and I felt proud of the year 11’s.

Sophie Mullins
Teaching Staff

Above – Year 11 students were involved in a number of activities at their retreat.

Year 10 Retreat

Above – Year 10 Students spent the day at the Orchard Glory Farm Resort for their retreat.

On  31 August, the year 10 students had a wonderful day at  the Orchard Glory Farm Resort in Gingin for their retreat. They spent the day with one of our nation’s leading high school retreat agencies, the Youth Ministry Team (YMT). The themes covered were social justice, self-image, relationships, knowing God and leadership. The programs were designed in a fun, compelling and interactive way where the year 10 students had a positive experience of the retreat. They were participating in drama, games and reflection activities.

Salonee Poongavanon
Teaching Staff

ACC Athletics Carnival

Another year and another ACC Athletics is done and dusted. This year wasn’t as wet as last year and we had a few first places throughout the day which was great! It was amazing again to see our students really support each other and rally, whether someone was coming in first place or last. We didn’t win but we had a great day and are looking forward to next year. The ACC is a great event and a great opportunity for our students to not only compete against other students from other schools, but to make friends from other schools too, which was evident on the day.

Scott Smith
Teaching Staff

Above:  Selected ERC students attended the ACC Athletics Carnival.

Year 11/12 Sport Coaching

Above:  Both ERC Sport Coaching students and Bindoon Primary students enjoyed the coaching sessions at the primary school.

The Year 11/12 Sport Coaching students had the opportunity to put what they have learnt this year into practice by running AFL clinics at Bindoon Primary School. We had 5 lessons and our students became staff and even got to eat in the staff room! The Bindoon PS students absolutely loved our students and were attached at the hip. at recess and lunch time, one staff member told me that our students were like celebrities there! I can’t express how proud I am of our group and how well they did and the effort they put into the day. The Principal was so impressed he wants the partnership to continue into the future.

Scott Smith
Teaching Staff

Boarding Report

Above:  Congratulations to students who have won trophies and awards this footy season.

We recently had students play in grand finals for their football teams, Year 11 and 12 with Toodyay Junior Football club and the Year 7 and 8 girls with the Chittering Bronco’s. Sadly neither team won the game, but there were many exciting moments where terrific football was played. Congratulations to the students who won trophies at the football team windup. We now start looking forward to the Basketball season, where the majority of students play in an ERC team, either Junior or Senior on Friday nights. I look forward to updating you as the season rolls on.

This week we are preparing for tomorrow’s Open Day, Awards and Presentations and Year 12 Graduation ceremony. All three are being held at the College on Saturday 18 September, which means a lot of organising and preparations have happened to get the College looking great and the students and animals organised for events on the day. We look forward to seeing parents and family members on Saturday.

Sam Jenner
Head of Boarding