The Chronicle Issue 6

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From The Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students,

With only one week of school left for the term it seems to be even busier at the College than usual. Staff are busily completing reports, Year 10 – 12 staff are preparing next term’s programmes while their students are on work experience and year 7 – 9 staff are excitedly doing final preparations for their camp next week.

Our Year 10 – 12 students are currently all involved in Work Place Learning (WPL) or a preparation for work programme. This is an extremely valuable time for them all, not only do those who do WPL get credit towards their graduation but they receive an insight into the many possibilities that await them when they graduate. Many of our students have been blessed over the years to have been offered apprenticeships as a direct result of engaging in WPL. Thank you to Mrs Theresa Okely who oversees this programme and all of our VET offerings. She liaises with students and employers to ensure that they have a successful experience. We are very blessed to have her caring for our students.

I am always speaking to the students about our values and expectations at the College. We spend a lot of time making sure that they understand these and we remind them often about what they mean and their responsibility in making the College ‘Stronger Together’. Each member of our community is encouraged to build resilience and commitment. Parents and guardians sign a commitment to the College rules and expectations at enrolment and students renew their commitment annually. These challenge the students to be proud of their uniform, wear their hair correctly according to our standards, wear only uniform items no hoodies or non-uniform hats, not have their phones with them during the school day and show respect to everyone in our community.

These are all simple tests of commitment, nothing superhuman. I recently had a conversation with a couple of students who have been having ongoing issues with a number of staff about one of the expectations around uniform. He was quite adamant that is was a small thing. I agreed with him “You’re right, it is a small thing so why can’t you do what is expected?”

College rules have a purpose. They are a shared set of values between the adult members of the educational partnership. Their strength is not in the enforcement, but in the respect they are shown by the students when they accept and follow them, especially when they would rather do otherwise. I would ask that you have a conversation with your young son/daughter about these expectations and reinforce the importance of following them.

As our students head home next week I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing all of their smiling faces for the start of term 3.

God bless,

Loving Father,
as we come to the end of another term
we turn to you in confidence
and place any difficult relationships
into the healing hands of Jesus, your Son.
Enable us to leave behind any pain of the past
and any regrets or bitterness,
entrusting the past to your mercy,
the present to your love,
and the future to your providence.
Help us appreciate more the need to keep a good balance in our lives.
May the holiday be for us a time of rest and recreation
to help restore us and re-create us in your image and likeness
as we enjoy more of the love and presence of our families,
on whom we ask your blessing.

Year 7 – Grand Cinemas Excursion

Recently the Year Seven class started viewing Toy Story One, Two and Three.  Students analysed the film’s plot, the character’s development and the film techniques (camera angles, music and lighting) and how these are used to influence the audience.  Due to this, on Wednesday the 26th of June the Year 7’s went to Grand Cinemas Joondalup to watch the film: Toy Story Four.  Both Staff and students enjoyed the time out of the class and the film.  It is an amazing film, with laughter (heard specifically from the adults in the cinema) and also emotional, it is definitely a must see.

Courtney Clark
Identity Leader and Mt Sion House Coordinator

Year 11/12 Excursion – Treetops Adventures Yanchep

Our Year 11’s and 12’s went on their once a term PE Excursion to Yanchep Trees Adventures, a high ropes and zipline course in Yanchep National Park.

The students were absolutely amazing and had a great day out, looking at koalas and kangaroos, from the ziplines.  We were even told by the staff that we were one of the best school groups to come through! Which is always amazing to hear.

So well done to our upper school students who should be very proud of themselves.

Scott Smith
Health & Physical Education Teacher

ACC Cross Country

A great day was had by the ACC Cross Country Team heading out to Perry Lakes to run against approximately 50 other schools. All the students put their best efforts on display with some coming in the 300’s out of around 1000 runners in some year groups.

A massive mention has to go to Liam Nelson in year 12 who had the crowd roaring as he jogged the track encouraging another student from another school to not give up and keep pushing until the end. He was the embodiment of the College values and at the end said “I was struggling so I just ran with him and helped him out, and I made a new friend”. Absolutely stellar performance.

A great day and will be looking forward to the ACC Athletics in term 3.

Scott Smith
Health & Physical Education Teacher

Equine – Farrier Clinic

On Tuesday 11th of June the year 10, 11 and 12 Equine Students with Miss Karen attended a Farrier Clinic held at Goodlands in Serpentine, the business of Kim and Tania Broad. Kim is the highest qualified farrier and assessor in WA.

This is an annual pilgrimage and every year there is something different to learn to improve our skills with our Equine knowledge.

We started the day in the classroom where we went over parts of the horse and parts of the horses hoof and how it all relates to balancing a horses hoof. We discussed deviations of the horses’ legs and how it affects a horses movement.

Outside of the stable area we talked about conformation and looked at a few horses and discussed how they would need to be shod to assist them.

All students did an assessment on a horses conformation and its movement. While Miss Karen assessed us assessing the horse.

We all then moved into the workshop where we got to practise trimming horses hooves and putting on and removing shoes on horses feet that Kim organised for us. Kim taught us about different types of shoes and how they are used on horses for different reasons.

Kim also showed us how to make a shoe from scratch using a straight bar of steel. Kim then quizzed us on what we had learnt during the day. The winner was Katie Way and she won the horse shoe that Kim made.

We all had an amazing day.

VET Equine Students

Football – Eagles Cup

Just wanted to throw a massive shout out to our 7/8/9 boys for taking out the Eagles Cup Shield at Gingin.

Our boys represented the College amazingly and played extremely well together and ended up more than doubling Moora’s score. Their behaviour both on and off the field was extraordinary.

Special mentions go to Shayden Simon for taking out Best on Ground who was very closely followed by Akirium and Zenyal.

We will play in the year 10 comp against Northam on Wed 12 June where we will be presented with the 8/9 shield and hopefully bring home the year 10 shield also.

Scott Smith
Health & Physical Education Teacher

Boarding Report

As the weeks have ticked by so quickly this Term, the boarding staff and I have met many times to discuss the students we have in boarding and reflect on all the beautiful young men and women we have the privilege of looking after. We are lucky to have such an amazing range of students, always willing to try new things, giving everything their best shot and not giving up. Students who often make us laugh and occasionally make us cry. Our College is an amazing place, giving so many people an opportunity for education they may not get anywhere else. So as Term 2 draws to a very cold and wet close, we remind our young people to have good holiday at home with their families, where it is possibly a lot warmer, and to return for Term 3 – on time and ready to jump into everything we have to offer.

Football and netball are still a big focus for boarding students in Term 3, with 5 rounds of football still to go before finals start and most of Term 3, netball games are scheduled. Girls Avon League football games, which are played in Toodyay and York this year, are starting week 1 and are scheduled for 6 games, over 6 Sunday’s, before finals are played. Girls are reminded to bring their football boots back to school next term.

Parents will be receiving flight itineraries for the school holidays by email and also in the post very soon. A reminder that Term 3 travel in day is Tuesday 23 July and parents are reminded in the following information from ABSTUDY about the introduction of Safe Travel Plans.

Schools, hostels and boarding providers, along with parents/guardians, are responsible for developing a Safe Travel Plan for each student under 18 years of age. The plan helps students travel safely between school and home. Safe Travel Plans started as a voluntary measure on 1 January 2019. They will become compulsory from 1 July 2019 for the Department of Human Services to pre-book travel, including travel for the end of term 2 (in some states), and the start of term 3.

Students 16 years or older must supply their TFN in order to be paid ABSTUDY. Students can claim online via the ATO website, or where they do not have appropriate identification documents, they can lodge a NAT1589 form at Centrelink. For further assistance ring the ATO Indigenous Helpline 13 10 30.

Sam Jenner
Head of Boarding

Edmund Rice College