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The Chronicle Issue 3

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Principal Report

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students

It is always wonderful to see all our students returning after their holidays, we also welcomed some new students and a new teacher, Mr Stuart Lynch. He comes to us from Alice Springs and is working with our Year 10 students. We all look forward to getting to know all of our new community members.

During the holidays we farewelled some of our ancillary staff who have all moved on to career opportunities that will bring them new challenges.

  • Lorraine McDonald has been working with us for since 2015. She has been an important part of our team and will be missed for her commitment and attention to detail as she returns to work in the Premiers office.
  • Gordon Joy has accepted a position at the mine in Gingin. His can do attitude over the last 3.5 years will be greatly missed.
  • Tina Blakey has accepted a position as a Business Manager at a College much closer to home. We will miss her ready smile, attention to detail and the quiet way she went about making sure that the budget and all of our finances were kept on track.
  • Today we also Farewell Greg McDonald who was an Aboriginal Teaching Assistant for the last 3.5 years, he is also moving to work on the mine in Gingin. He has worked closely with our students, quietly and gently encouraging them in their learning journey. It has been a privilege to have a member of the local Ieud Tribe of the Noongar Nation working with us. He will be greatly missed. I have learnt much from Greg.

This week we held our first whole school assembly for such a long time. It is always an opportunity to celebrate the successes of our students and speak about our expectations and dreams for the whole cohort. Our first one for 2022 was hosted by the Year 11 students and it allowed us to hear some of the writing they are doing in their English class, trying to sell us goods that no-one would want to buy like non-sticky sticky tape and glow in the dark toilet paper!!

I took this opportunity to remind the students about our values and College expectations. This is a message that our staff are continually reminding the students about whether it be in class or boarding. We want our students to be their best selves and we have high expectations for every one of them. We are constantly reminding them of this. This is something that each and every student struggles with at different times so it is important that we work together as a community to support each and every one of them to be able to excel. As our motto says: Stronger Together.

The staff group decided at the start of term to continue wearing masks in all situations where we cannot socially distance, so this means that students and staff are wearing masks in classrooms, in common areas in the boarding houses and when another student enters their bedrooms. As you can all imagine with teenagers this means that we are constantly reminding some of them, but as we know, wearing masks will reduce the risk as well as social distancing, so we will continue with this for the immediate future.

I encourage you to contact one of our staff members if you have any concerns or questions. If you do not have a specific persons contact details, you can ring the front office and Fleur de Vries will either take a message or put you through to the staff member concerned. If there are any issues it is important that they are followed up. If you are not happy with the response you receive, please let either Tracey Crisp, Deputy Principal or myself know as soon as possible.

God bless,

Marie Barton


Father God, come be with us today. Fill our hearts with joy. Fill our minds with learning. Fill our classrooms with peace. Fill our lessons with fun. Fill our friendships with kindness. Fill our school with love.


Introducing New Teaching Staff Member

This issue we introduce a new member to our Teaching Staff, Dr Stuart Lynch who has joined us to work with our Year 10 students.

I am from Alice Springs and have joined the College working as a Year 10 Teacher.  I have community and Public Health degrees. I also have a science background through mining engineering studies and have labouring experience in the building industry, basic scaffolding licences.  I have completed my Certificate II in Security Operations and have past military experience.  I am looking forward to progressing student academic, emotional and vocational learning.

Interhouse Cross Country

On Thursday the 5th of May, our students competed in the Cross Country. This year’s cross country course was a little longer than last year. The day was a success with every student in the school giving the 4km run a go and some staff running the race with the students. Students were sent off 4 minutes apart in year levels, starting from year 7’s and going through to year 12’s. Jaymarl from year 8 was the first boy to cross the finish line getting the third fastest time of the day. Beau from year 9 got the second fastest time coming in at 17minutes 54 seconds and Mackye from year 12 got the fastest time coming in at 17mintues 24 seconds. Our first girl to cross the line was year 7 Shontaya and our fastest girl coming in at 23minutes 38 seconds was Lloydessa. Overall students had a fantastic day, and the weather was amazing. It was a good effort from all who participated, and we are looking forward to competing in the interschool cross country in June!

Anna Williams
Teaching Staff

Above: Students and staff enjoyed the Interhouse Cross Country and the beautiful weather.

Teaching Staff Complete Flatwater Guide Qualification

Above:  The Teaching Team show off their paddling skills while completing the qualification.

We are planning some great day paddling excursions with our students, both at the College lake and the Moore and Avon Rivers.  In preparation for this, some of our teaching team completed their Flatwater Guide Qualification.  Over 2 days, at the end of term 1, the team developed and improved their paddling skills and trip knowledge to achieve the Flatwater Kayak Guide Qualification.

Boarding Report

We have been very lucky this term to get hold of two Youth Workers/Mentors, who work in Boarding time with our young people. I have worked with Miss Mitch many years ago when she was a Boarding supervisor. She spent many years in Boarding at La Salle and is now here part time, working with the kids on positive relationships, organisation and time management, sports and rec, and generally having fun. Mark is here full time and has already made some strong relationships with our young men. Mark has been helping boys train for football and assisting at weekend games, playing sports around the College and taking the boys fishing one Saturday. Mark is a great listener and is helping boys with their communication skills, with their peers and staff and parents.

As most parents would know we fully under way with the football season. This season we have the Year 7 & 8 girls and Year 9 & 10 girls playing for Chittering Bronco’s, the Year 11 & 12 girls have now combined with the Ellenbrook senior team. The Year 11 & 12 boys are playing with Chittering Broncos and the 2 junior boys’ teams are with Toodyay Junior Football Club. As you can imagine staff are very busy taking students to the different training sessions each week, and then games are played Friday night, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. It is a logistical nightmare but thankfully the Boarding staff are super organised and keen to get the kids to footy. Without our wonderful staff we couldn’t do it.

I have asked parents for several weeks now for their Health Care Card/Concession Card, as I can use this to apply for Kidsport which pays their football fees. I am still chasing a few cards, if parents can send me a photo as soon as possible.

Last Saturday Miss Annette came to Boarding and made soaps with the girls. I received some for Mother’s Day which were beautiful. The girls had lots of fun, learnt a new skill and came out of the activity with their own designed soaps. Thanks, Annette, for taking time out of your weekend.

With a large majority of Boarding students and staff getting COVID last term, we have thankfully got immunity for a little while longer. No one can say for sure how long that will last, so we have maintained wearing masks in boarding time. Some days I get really frustrated wearing a mask, but we have to do this for a bit longer to be able to enjoy our good health and still be able to go to football and other activities. Most students wear them now without thinking about it, it’s a part of life now. I have got to remind some students at times and occasionally I have to challenge a student who doesn’t want to wear it. Please talk to your children and remind them that they are keeping COVID safe for themselves and our whole community.

A reminder that ABSTUDY have very strict guidelines on student travel. Every term several students miss their flights and have to be rebooked for a later date.

ABSTUDY requires more than 24 hours’ notice if a student is going to miss their plane, and no penalty will occur. Most of the students who miss their flights, could fall under that category if parents did ring me to let me know beforehand. ABSTUDY considers a student as a ‘no show’ if they fail to fly without an appropriate reason. Of course things can happen like illness, or family issues that can mean students can’t fly. Other reasons such as funerals, cultural activities, family sickness and sorry business are all reasons to not fly but should be communicated to myself or administration as soon as practical (more than 24 hours before). If a student misses 2 flights, penalties apply, such as parents having to pay back money or a student may have to have a supervisor fly with them for 1 year after that date.  This means a family member flying to Perth and a staff member flying to the child’s home. I am almost always contactable on my work mobile, and if you call and don’t get me, please text me. As soon as I get the message, I will return calls and make arrangements.

Sam Jenner
Head of Boarding

Sam Head of Boarding 0457 518 155
Mary Rice Mobile 0457 518 154
Mary MacKillop Mobile 0457 518 152
Musk Mobile 0437 218 346
Joseph House Mobile 0467 720 944.
Administration 9576 5500