The Chronicle Issue 3

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Principal Report

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students

Christians all over the world have been preparing for Easter. The preparation starts forty days before from Ash Wednesday. Throughout Lent we have prepared for this time when we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Holy Week journey commences with Our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem, a time of celebration and welcome on Palm Sunday. On Good Friday we commemorate the Passion of Christ. It is a time of sorrow; that reminds us of God’s goodness in sending his Son to die for all of us. Then on Easter Sunday that sorrow is turned to joy when Jesus rose from the dead to give new life to all who believe.  


Staff have been busy completing the Semester One reports for our Academic Year. These will be mailed home to you during the holidays. If you have any concerns or questions about your son’s or daughter’s progress please do not hesitate to contact their teachers who will be able to assist you. 

I wish all of you every blessing that this special season brings. We all look forward to the return of our students next term. I know that they are all excited about coming home. I’m sure that they will be refreshed and ready for learning after spending time with you over the next two weeks. 

God Bless

Marie Barton


May you have

The gladness of Easter,
which is Hope

The promise of Easter,
which is Peace

The spirit of Easter,
which is Love


Deputy Principal Report

Academic Reports

Academic reports will be posted home to all families during the school break. Staff and students have worked hard over the course of our semester in developing learning programs which support and encourage both the academic and social and emotional growth of your children. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to contact teaching staff to discuss your child’s academic report in detail where an interview has been indicated as it is vital that a collaborative and supportive relationship be maintained to continue the development of all our students.

NAPLAN Readiness

If you are a parent of a Year 7 or Year 9, you may be aware that last week we completed a NAPLAN Readiness test. The test was conducted to ensure that our computers and the College’s internet system were all going to run smoothly when NAPLAN is conducted at the beginning of next term. The testing was state-wide and also determined at a system level, that the online platform will cope with the volume of students simultaneously accessing the site from across the state. Any issues are then resolved to ensure uninterrupted internet access during the testing period in May.  The Year 7 students are to be commended on their behaviour and conduct during the NAPLAN Readiness testing session as we encountered technical difficulties and the NAPLAN staff who were assisting commented several times on their quietness and exemplary behaviour whilst staff on the ground and remotely worked to correct the problem.

Good Standing Excursion

It was fantastic to see many of our students enjoy the recent Good Standing excursion and be acknowledged for their consistent demonstration of the College values as they conduct themselves in an exemplary manner both in and out of the classroom. The College’s Good Standing Policy seeks to reinforce the attributes expected of an Edmund Rice College student and is designed to recognise and reward the achievements of students who maintain or advance their Good Standing whilst enrolled at the College.  All students begin the term with Good Standing Level 3 and at this level it is expected that students cooperate with staff and peers; support the College Enrolment Agreement, are timely to their lessons and participate in all learning opportunities provided and use appropriate language when interacting with both their peers and College staff.  Students can advance their Good Standing by working consistently at their studies and involving themselves in various aspects of College life beyond the expectations of the College Enrolment Agreement, such as: receiving a number of Commendations and/or Merit Certificates; demonstrating a sound work ethic that is reflected by attributes and grades received in their Semester reports; involving themselves commendably in one or more areas (Academic, Sporting, Community, Spiritual) of College life and demonstrating excellent punctuality, grooming and conduct both during their school day and when representing the College on excursions and camps. I encourage all students to maintain their Good Standing when they return next term as it would be lovely to see more of our students enjoying the Good Standing excursions organised for the remainder of the year.

As this is the last newsletter of the term, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the entire staff at Edmund Rice College and the support we enjoy from the school community. It has been a very successful start to the year and I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Easter and holiday period.

Tracey Crisp
Deputy Principal

Above:  Students enjoyed a day of circling the ice for their Good Standing Activity.

Laser Tag

On Tuesday 23rd March, some of the Year 10 students went with the VET teacher for an excursion, while the rest of the class were with me and had a fantastic outdoor activity based learning experience at Laser Corp in the Swan Valley.  On arrival, the students were kitted out in camouflage clothes according to their groups.  They were then guided to the battlefields which consisted of bunkers, huts, creeks and bridges that set the scene for the ultimate laser tag skirmish.  The students were instructed on how to use the laser gun and the rules they needed to follow while playing.  They played a wide variety of missions and enjoyed both the fun of skirmishing and the educational benefits of learning cooperative tactics and strategies.  We finished the day by enjoying the BBQ prepared by our lovely Teacher Assistants before heading back to school.  On that day, we were so lucky to have beautiful weather, not too hot, not too cold.  It was a perfect day for an outdoor excursion and everyone was thrilled.

Salonee Poongavanon
Teaching Staff

Above:  Year 10 students attended Laser Tag and enjoyed a BBQ lunch after.

WA Museum Excursion

Above:  Year 10 students attend the WA Museum Boola Bardip.

In HASS, to broaden the knowledge on Rights and Freedoms, the Year 10 class had the opportunity to visit the WA Museum Boola Bardip on Wednesday 24th of March.  Throughout the tour, key WA personalities were discussed, alongside the use of specific techniques to assist in navigating Australia’s difficult past and present.  The tour was guided by two facilitators and the themes of Rights and Freedoms were explored through the Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn gallery.  Students were grouped and were asked to collate evidence that builds a collective concept of the basic human rights and equality.  Some aboriginal students were excited to see photos and videos of people from their community.  The Year 10 students had a great time at the museum.

Salonee Poongavanon
Teaching Staff

Ranch Sorting Report

This term the Year 7’s and 9’s have been learning all about Beef Cattle Production so on Wednesday 25th March, Miss Jennine’s Agricultural Science students were invited to participate in a Cattle Drafting Incursion to learn about the sport of Ranch Sorting.

Thank you to Warren Bartlett from WA Team Penning Association for bringing out the Portable Cattle Yards and four of his own horses for the day to demonstrate and motivate the kids. Demonstrations involved using the College’s weanling calves, a couple of school horses and a couple of Warren’s experienced horses too.

Ranch sorting is a western-style equestrian sport that evolved from the common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, veterinary treatment or transport. Ranch Sorting is an event that pits a team of two riders on horseback against the clock.

Many of the Ag students either had a go on foot or on horseback and everyone had a great day.

To finish off the afternoon Warren gave a Stock Whip Cracking Demonstration and again a few students attempted this too, some with more success than others!

Jennine Thomasson
Teaching Staff

Above:  The Year 7 & 9 students participated in a Cattle Drafting Incursion on Ranch Sorting.  

ACC Swimming

On Monday the 15th of March, the College attended the ACC swimming carnival at HBF Stadium. Due to the carnival clashing with the senior school camp if gave some of our younger students a big opportunity to test themselves against older competitors. Small numbers meant a lot was asked of the swimmers and how many events they needed to swim in, some students swimming one race and then straight back to the starting blocks for their next event. It was fantastic to see so many of our students jump in the water despite the massive age gap and give it their absolute best. There were some great results on the day with a few students just falling short of first place in their races.

All in all it was a great day and amazing to see the students supporting each other from the sidelines. I am sure this fantastic experience will make the students who participated, hungrier than ever for next years carnival.

Luke Jensen
Teaching Staff

Boarding Report

Boarding has wrapped up for another term with all the Boarders returning home for the Easter holidays. This term has flown by, it seems like a few days ago we were meeting the new students at the Boarding houses and helping them unpack and settle in. We have managed to fit quite a lot into this 9 (and a bit) week term. Most of the Boarders returning travel is booked for Monday 19th April as there are still limited flights available. Please get in touch with Admin or myself if there are any issues with catching those flights before the end of term so they can be rescheduled.

We finished the second half of the Basketball season last weekend, with two teams playing in the Grand Final. The junior team ‘Lightning’ played hard and didn’t give up, coming away second best to dynamic team ‘Heat’. Senior team ‘Dream’ ended up losing by 4 points to ‘Gingin Mamba’ in a tough, evenly matched game. We had a blast this season and thank the Bindoon Basketball Association for always supporting and encouraging our young players.

Next term starts a little differently with the Boarders returning on the Monday so on Tuesday we will take the Boarders shopping to prepare for the weeks ahead and I ask that parents please send their children back with money if they need to purchase items for the start of the winter term. Many of the Boarders will need to buy winter clothes, football boots and schools shoes. Wednesday will be the first day of school for the students and Thursday will be a normal school day and VET for Year 11 & 12’s. Friday the Boarders will finish school around lunch time as we are driving to Hillarys to catch the ferry to Rottnest Island. Rottnest has a long history – “The name for Rottnest Island in the Noongar language is Wadjemup which means ‘place across the water where the spirits are’. During the last ice age, approximately 6,000-7,000 years ago, Wadjemup was connected to the mainland. At that time Whadjuk and other Nyoongar people could walk to Wadjemup and it was known as an important meeting place and ceremonial site. Following the last ice age, global sea levels rose and formed the islands off the coast of Fremantle, including Wadjemup, Carnac Island (Ngooloomayup) and Garden Island (Meandup)”. While at Rottnest the Boarders will be welcome to the land, learn some of the history of the island, ride bikes, swim at the beautiful beaches and take selfies with the quokkas. We look forward to sharing photos of the trip with you all next term.

Sam Jenner
Head of Boarding