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We are now taking enrolments for 2020.  To submit an application go to the Enrol tab on this website or contact the Registrar on 95765511 for further details. 

Principal Report

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students,

Wow! It’s week three already. We are truly blessed, it has been an awesome start to the 2020 Academic Year. All the students have transitioned to their new classes and are getting to know their new teachers and teaching teams.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago we underwent two significant audits last term. The first was for our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status that allows us to deliver our agricultural and equine certificates, this is run by the Training and Accreditation Council of WA. The second was for our registration as a school and this was run by CEWA on behalf of the Department of Education.

We were extremely pleased to receive both of the reports that were very positive. We have had our RTO status confirmed. In relation to the School audit only one requirement has been identified for us to action. As we move forward into the next phase of our work we will use the feedback and the standards to guide our teaching and learning and all areas of governance and compliance.

This has been an affirming process for all of the staff. It is credit to each and everyone of them that we were able to present the information required and were able to answer any questions that were asked on the day with confidence. Our commitment to you is to continue to provide a quality education for each of your sons and daughters and to work in partnership with you to enable this community to grow and become a beacon for education. We are indeed Stronger Together and I thank God for the strength that we get from his guiding hand and constant presence in our lives and through our work.

God bless,

Back to School – Prayer for the Start of the School Year

Loving God, Our creator, our saviour, our companion,
bless this journey of a new school year that we undertake today.
Refresh our souls and renew our spirits as we embrace the beautiful ministry you have called us to.
We welcome those who are new to this community and ask that you strengthen them to share the wonderful gifts you have given them.
Lord, make our hearts pure as we prepare for the return of students to this school, and may you guide them to return with open hearts and minds eager to learn.
We ask this in Your name,



Deputy Principal Report

India Immersion Report

Moordjitj Gnulla

Stronger Together

“There’s something that I believe very strongly today is the emerging spirituality is reminding us time again that we are connected. In fact, not only are we connected, we are one. We are one. The stranger is my brother I haven’t met.

We are one.”

Br Philip Pinto

I have always loved listening to Br Pinto speak. He is an amazing deeply spiritual leader who offers incredible wisdom to humanity on how to live in harmony and with love. Br Pinto, in my humble opinion, is the world leader on being “fully inclusive”. I had the amazing opportunity to hear him address an audience of over 300 international educators on the EREBB Congress in India back in 2016. It was his stories, passion and deep commitment to inclusion that inspired me to look at different ways of inclusion. This message coupled with Dr Wayne Tinsey’s inspiring vision of inclusion and his consistent unwavering challenge for us all to keep working towards this, have held me strong in my beliefs, values and in many ways how I work.

The Congress in India was a huge gift to us all and one that keeps giving. Being invited to be a part of that amazing opportunity, allowed for friendships to develop and relationships to be built that have helped support collapsing walls across so many countries. During this time in India I met two amazing Principals,  Mam Kavita from India and Ms Sharon from South Africa.  Together we have built a strong partnership across the globe and between our three schools through the Global Leadership Immersion. Last year the students all met here at Edmund Rice College, this year we went to India and next year the students will meet in South Africa. The melting pot of our three cultures coming together has opened up our students’ eyes and hearts.  Our beautiful children have been deeply touched by the global integration of Edmund’s values and philosophy in our Colleges. This was evident in their conversations, reflections, prayers, rituals and icons around the College.

Linking back to Br Pinto’s message, I really loved the notion of having this wonderful melting pot of cultures and young minds and hearts coming together to share their experiences and lives. We were very blessed as Br Pinto greeted us on our arrival and our students had the privilege of spending time with this most wonderful, kind, spiritual man.

Highlights of our Global Immersion to St John’s College, Chandigarh

Experiences, opportunities and engagements

The students were immersed in range of different activities such visiting and engaging in various classroom activities, learning sign language, spending time at the school for the blind, participating in a Water Awareness March, visiting an amazing park made from all recycled materials, listening to the “All Indian Debate” and decorating a table runner using traditional Indian block art – just to mention a few!

We were fortunate to be at the College for their annual Just Fair. Each St John’s class is connected to outreach programs and students from less privileged backgrounds or who are differently abled. They work with these students on a weekly basis and every year they hold an annual Just Fair at the College. The mums, students and staff cook lots of food and set up a whole lot of games. It was an amazing day and all the students have lots of fun. Our students spent the day mingling and helping the kids play games, sharing music and learning traditional dances. They all have new playlists now and know a few new moves!

That evening we went for a visit to the Hindu Temple. This was a very moving and spiritual experience. The students were deeply engaged throughout the evening taking in the deep sense of spirituality at the Temple. The staff cook food and feed thousands of people every day. They run free buses to the Temple and send out food vans all over the city. It is an incredible organisation.

In the afternoons, Br Len who was hosting us in the Christian Brothers home, took us to the local markets and shops. Mingling in Indian markets is an experience that cannot be missed! Here you experience an overload of the senses with smells, colour and noise! And yes the girls enjoyed the obligatory sari shopping. In the evenings, after our Reflection Time Br Len would share a good cup of tea and tell us stories of India. This time was very precious. Thank you Br Len for you care, friendship and hospitality. You made our visit very special.

The St John’s Old Boys’ Association also welcomed us warmly with open arms and treated us to a lovely night out. They had planned all different types of icebreaker games for the students to play and put on an amazing Indian feast. Thank you for your amazing hospitality and incredible food.

Incredible Talent

The students of St John’s are unbelievably talented in many areas and on our last night, we were entertained by the school rock band – they are the 2nd best school band in India. Michelangelo who is an amazingly talented artist and musician leads this band. The students had a great night teaching each other different dances and moves. Seeing them all intermingling and having such a great time brought me so much joy.

Taj Mahal and sightseeing in Delhi

You cannot go all the way to India without a trip to the Taj Mahal. We were speechless with the striking beauty of the monument. We also visited lots of sights in Delhi where the students experienced an adventurous ride in a rickshaw exploring the old markets and seeing lots of amazing ancient forts, towers, gates and Mosques.


Gratitude to the many people who made this possible

Throughout the program, the students and dedicated staff involved touched my heart deeply and I loved every second of our time together. The gift of their presence, time and love was the most wonderful thing our students and I received.

I have enjoyed mostly the simple things that the program provided, such as hearing the students laugh at things that have happened during the program, watching our students doing the Mannequin Challenge, hearing them sing songs together in the grounds,  observing the simple action of exchanging small gifts with reflected the genuine friendships that formed over the week, seeing the students’ beaming faces as they tried new things, catching them sharing special moments together, sharing their laughter and as a community wiping our tears of pure emotion as we said goodbye.

Each person has been touched deeply and the memories of this experience will live on for a lifetime. It has opened the world to our students and for that I cannot thank everyone who has been involved enough.  The pure joy has been delightful and mesmerising to witness. I feel nourished, refreshed and very blessed by being invited into your school and lives.

To Mam Kavita, Sir Puneesh and Mam Shivani for all their organisation, care, effort and time in taking such great care of us. To Mr Michelangelo, a heartfelt thank you for putting on the amazing concert and debate. To Miss Sharon, Principal of St Johns CBC Cape Town, for her continual support of the program and to Miss Carin for her friendship, laughter and guidance during the program.

Thanks to our sponsors John Hamilton from McInnes Wilson Lawyers and Caroline Kennedy with Willis Tower Watson Insurance, your contributions make this Immersion possible

To Edmund Rice College staff for helping me with fundraising – this money helped with our visit to the Taj Mahal and the sightseeing part of the trip. Thanks so much to Mrs Marie Barton for saying yes to this immersion and giving us her full support and to our Director of Business, Mr Geoff Hendriks for organising tickets, accommodation and visas. Thanks again everyone!

Special thanks also to EREBB especially to Brian Garrone who has been most supportive right from my first draft of the proposal. As always a huge special thank you to you Wayne whose incredible foresight and vision has brought so many different countries together to share and exchange experiences, talents, ideas and the building of friendships to make for a better world for all!

Literacy Launch

This week saw the launch of ERC Literacy – an initiative to rapidly boost the comprehension and effective continuous writing of our more struggling students.  Complementing the introductory PD session last week on the goals, strategies and resources, the Staff attended a second, extended PD session to become familiar with some of the commercial material that can enhance student learning.  Students have also been very receptive to incentives to learn to recognize [decode] the different spelling combinations [graphemes] that the 43 Australian sounds [phonemes] make so enabling their focus not on word recognition but on comprehension of what they are reading.  Staff have shown impressive enthusiasm for this program already seeking to prepare creative resources to enhance the rapid acquisition of phonetics.  Here is Elijah very proud of the chart he has made with Ms Lizzy.  It presents graphics of each of the 43 Aussie phonemes.  If Elijah can join other rapid learners by testing recognition of these in after school time, he too will receive more than the spiritual encouragement inherent in such a learning endeavour.

Paul Towler

Year 11 & 12 Police Academy Joondalup

On Monday the 26 August the Year 11 and 12 Foundation classes visited the Police Academy at Joondalup.

The students enjoyed an extensive tour of the Facility, witnessed a live firing exercise on the Pistol Range, saw candidates completing their fitness tests, were taken through the specially designed obstacle course (see above), shown through the facility where students learn how to enter and search a room, taken through the gym and ate their lunch in the Dining Room.

There were also explanations of the pathways by which they could join the Force and what the Force would be looking for in candidates.

An enjoyable day was had by all, the students behaviour was excellent.  Thanks to Miss Donna for her help and for doing all the driving.


Michael Richards

Boarding Report

Our first weekend back was the Bindoon Show and Rodeo. The kids were well behaved and enjoyed the day out. We had boys compete in the 3 on 3 basketball comp and the kids had a go at the tug of war but lost. It was a lovely

day not too hot and not too cold. We had an early BBQ dinner and came back in the evening for the Rodeo. The night was really good, some of the kids have never been to a rodeo before so it was an amazing experience for them. There were some really good thrills and spills and everyone left tired but happy.

On Saturday 26 October was our annual Social. We had five schools come and it was held in the hall at school. We had a Halloween theme and instead of just dancing we had some sideshow games and a photo booth. The night went really well with some of the staff from the other schools saying it was the best social this year. The kids really loved it and some of them were very good with helping us set it all up in the morning.

So it’s basketball season again. We have five teams again, two senior teams and three junior teams. There are about 50 kids signed up which is huge. We play every Friday night in Bindoon from 7 to 9pm. The senior teams are Power and Dream and the Junior teams are Thunder, Lightning and Hurricanes. Both the senior teams lost but Thunder won and so did the Hurricanes.

Sam Jenner
Head of Boarding

Edmund Rice College