Tekiasha Hart Art Internship

24 March 2016

Tekiasha (center) with Program coordinator Pia Barnett and mentor Tomzarni Dann Tekiasha (center) with Program coordinator Pia Barnett and mentor Tomzarni Dann

AIME is an education program proven to support indigenous students through high school and into university or employment at the same rate as all Australians.

Students from Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon attend mentoring sessions with AIME at Curtin University.  At a session in 2015, year 9 student Tekiasha Hart created a new AIME logo and hoodie design.  Her designs were bright and inspired. She was one of the few mentees to take the time and effort to both create and explain her designs. It was this and her use of bright colours that drew the Curtin team to nominate Tekiasha as their 2016 Collaboration winner.

For her logo design Tekiasha wrote "The rainbow means a new day for AIME and the people, the sun is one of our sources of energy, it's a bright force and altogether we are one happy culture and we grow together."

For her hoodie design Tekiasha wrote "The vines are us, the people and the sun is the main part of us, our hope. We are one with everything, the earth, animals and our culture."

She is one of eighteen AIME mentees from across Australia who have been nominated by their local AIME team to participate in Collaboration: an intensive art and design experience held in Sydney. There they’ll spend their time learning about the process that leads from design to production, how to harness the power of storytelling, the role that plays in Indigenous art, and most importantly ­ get the chance to develop an artwork that will be utilised in our 2016 Art Apparel clothing range. They’ll get to work alongside professional mentors, designers, manufacturers and artists, who will act as a source of information about the career options available in the art world, provide inspiration and offer advice.

A chance to showcase the completed pieces and the story behind them will arise at a Gallery Opening event on the final day. Here the students will share their stories with AIME, their professional mentors and some potential collaborators who might want to use their design on a product! It’ll be a chance to celebrate their achievements, meet some interesting and influential people who work in the art and fashion industry, and discuss where they might be able to take the students’ artwork next. This is not only a chance for the mentees to develop their artistic talent, but it’s also a unique leadership opportunity. Being exposed to the lifestyle of professional artists and simultaneously representing their family and community in this space, is an opportunity that does not come about very often. Art has been one of the ways in which we’ve recorded our history and kept our stories alive for over 60,000 years, it’s now time for the next generation to add their stories to the timeline that represents Aboriginal Australia.

Tekiasha has said “I was very shocked and excited to find that I had won.  It will be my first experience going to Sydney and I am happy to have been given the opportunity”.