23 May 2014

A ute load of contributions arrives at Shopfront A ute load of contributions arrives at Shopfront

Recently a cheque for $650 was sent to Project Compassion as a result of our term one fundraising – offerings made at our weekly boarders’ Mass, free dress day and individual donations. This money is given to partnership programmes in developing nations for basics – water wells and storage, food production, health and education.

During term two, our fundraising focus is on the Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul) Winter Appeal & Lifelink – both WA Catholic charities.

The Vinnies Winter Appeal helps people in the WA community. Often due to mental illness, some people – both old & young – end up living rough in abandoned buildings, under bridges etc. Vinnies provide them with warm food, blankets, toiletries etc but most especially encouragement to seek help. Lifelink sponsors The Shopfront which provides meals, blankets, toiletries etc to people in need – again most often with mental disabilities – in the Maylands area.

I know that the recent Budgets mean that many families need to watch their pennies but may I invite you to consider contributing something in kind – bottled or tinned food and/or toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, tissues etc). This can be done through your son or daughter’s home room or through the student services office.

Bro Tony Hackett cfc