Sport and Recreation

Edmund Rice College offers an abundant variety of co-curricular activities for our students to get involved in, after school and on the weekend, which takes advantage of our rural environment as well as involving our students in the local community.  The College has its own 25m swimming pool, indoor gym, oval, basketball and netball courts, as well as horse riding trails, and cross-country, BMX and mountain bike tracks which students are encouraged to make use of in their free time. DFES Cadets, Cattle Club, Equine, and Art Club are also options for our students to become a part of.

The College is proud of the achievements which our students accomplish in a wide variety of sports throughout the year such as, football, hockey, and basketball teams which play in the local community leagues. Every student at the College has the chance to participate in annual College sports carnivals, and the opportunity to represent the College at inter-school competitions in events such as athletics, swimming, and cross-country.

Weekly sports training and daily participation in activities is offered to our students, this not only gives students the chance to develop and improve their skills and often their grades in Physical Education and Outdoor Education; it is a great form of friendship building and exercise. Our students thoroughly enjoy being a part of the clubs, squads, and activities which are offered at the College, and the College is proud to help facilitate students in leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Inter-house Athletics Carnival 2014 Inter-house Athletics Carnival 2014